About Me

Heyo peeps! :)

Fransisca Vania is the name. You can call me Vania for short. I'm officially 17 years of age now (started on 09/06/'16). I'm just a simple Asian girl. My nationality is Indonesian, with a bit of chinese blood in my body.

I'm not a-really-easy-going-person, moody, and shy girl -or whatever word you say for it. But I can be more outgoing when I feel comfortable with that person. Even I can be too talkative sometimes. I laugh a lot when I'm on a good mood.

I love sweet food. Especially ice cream and chocolate. They're my moodbooster, indeed. "Good food is good mood"! 
I like reading books. Especially novels. Yeah. Reading books makes me better, really.
I like the sound of rain as I'm going to sleep.
I love animals. That's why I want to be a veterinarian hehe.
I hate lies and bullshit.

Okay, enough.