My First Versatile Blogger Award

Heyo, folks =))
So how are you? Well hope you're doing fine as always haha.

Okay, so first of all.. thanks to my friend Danetta for tagging me this kind of versatile blogger award xD But I'm really really sorry for the late respond hehe. I've been too busy with school stuffs you know :p lol But well I should realize that it's pretty fun to do this kind of award so yeah, I can relax for a while xD

So, without further delay, let's start it xD
Rules (in Indonesian):
-Ucapkan terimakasih kepada yang sudah memberi kamu award ini (dengan link blognya)
-Pilih 15 blogger (urutkan berdasarkan kamu menemukannya)
-Nominasikan 15 blogger tadi dalam Versatile Blogger Award
-Ceritakan pada orang yang kamu nominasikan , 7 hal tentang dirimu
15 nominate bloggers:
(err.. who else? idk idk, 15 is too much you know :p)

7 facts about ME:
1. I'm not really a social person. A bit introvert. But I can be more outgoing when I feel comfortable with that person. Even I can be too talkative sometimes haha.
2. I love sweet food.
3. I have mood swings.
4. I can't stay angry or mad at people too long.. maybe.
5. People think I'm a bit tomboy-ish. Well I think it's true since I'm not really into that girly stuffs like dresses and make up haha.
6. I like to read novels. I sleep overnight because of this habit xD
7. I hate liars, cigarette, bullying, and racism.

Finally.. it's done haha
Btw, Happy October! Please be nice to me :* tee-hee

Okay, bye!


  1. I will post mine too~ coming soon !

  2. I can say nothing.
    But since the rule is I have to be thankful
    Thanks, ya
    I will post mine soon ;)

    1. haha yupp xD
      I'm really looking forward to it ;))

  3. Replies
    1. lol yeah, I really am. and I'm proud of it (?) haha xD

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  5. ah, I'm sorry, I didn't notice your award before posting my new post x__x
    I'll do it on my next post, okay? XD
    thanks for the award btw!! :'D

    1. haha well it's okay. ;))
      sure, I'll wait til your next post xD

  6. Hi Vania~
    I just read your message >.<
    I'll post it soon, and thanks for the award :D

  7. same here, I really hate racism.. erhhh... and yeah only angry at that moment and I will forget it later mwahahaha..

    did you hate me too? I'm bullying my bro and sis sometime ahahaha XD