Heyo folks :)
lol looooong time no post eh? Missed me? Hahaha. yeah yeah I know you did not lol

Oh well. So sorry for not updating this super duper amazing blog (?) in such a long time. I'm too busy and lazy you know. School sucks. School is stressing me out, really. But again.. that what life is, ne? ;))

those faces tho' haha
Hmm. Anywho, let's talk about this best band ever called ONE OK ROCK <3<3 hihi
Well I just want to share you video(s) that I've been watching lately. Though these are not really new videos but whateverr. Who cares? :p

Okay. SO let's start it. :))
Decision - ONE OK ROCK
"You say it's all right.. You say it's okay.."

Bottle Rocket - GROWN KIDS ft. Taka and Megan Joy
"We're not gonna stay... Stay in darkness.."
oh well, tbh I was so shocked when I first found my beloved TAKA there <3<3

And still, the most favorite video goes to.. Mighty Long Fall - ONE OK ROCK ! 
"Don't go it's a mighty long fall.. When you know time is up.."

Hmm. So what do you think guys? Tell me, tell me.. haha xD
Psst. anyways, there's one video that I've been watching again and again these days. It's not OOR's though.. This mv is by the australian band called 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) :3 Have you heard of them before? Oh well, they're so adorable (not as adorable as OOR though, HAHA :p)

And for those who haven't known them already.. here you go! Check it out =D
Amnesia - 5SOS
"If what we had was real, how could you be fine? 'Cause I'm not fine at all.."
omg omg my 2nd beloved CALUM! He's definitely so darn cutee <3<3

Okay, bye! :*
im dying lol


  1. owh no.. I can't open youtube.. internet slow lah.. ahaha..

    but I already listen and watch Decision and Mighty Long Fall before this :D I like it even though some of fans doesn't like it ahaha.. listen to their song already and I like them since they cute mwahaha..

    I know 5SOS.. last month just know bout them XDD I like them even though some haterz keep saying they are gay or what.. not their die hard fans but I like them XD

    anyway cute photo you post XDD ngehehe XD *drooling*

    1. Aww poor youu :'((
      Hahaha yep yep xD I just don't get it why ppl don't like it that much lol xD

      ahh do you? that's cooool xD Haha well Idc whether they're truly gay or not as long as they're cutee tee-hee :3 *esp CALUM HOOD <3*

      Hahaha ikr? :3

    2. Ikr.. but today its loading fast :D
      just finish watch vid random people start slap each other ahahaha.. its funny.. I feel like i wanna try it mwahahaha..

      yups.. Ikr.. Idk why they didn't like it.. the concept?? or? music? aahahaha XD

      Ikr.. I don't care about that preference gender or what so.. ahaha.. :D as long cute, nice voice... mwahahahahaha.. ops ops... :D :D :D

      yups3.. <3 totally love it ^__^

    3. wahh that's good then xD
      lol really? haha xD

      well some of them in the net said that the music is more into pop and they're not one ok rock anymore but they're one ok pop and soo on. WTH? OOR is OOR. pfft :v

      Haha yep that's absolutely truee xD

    4. yups.. I really wanna try ahaha.. as long as I can slap that person too :D fair enough mwahahaha :3

      yups3... Ikr.. I did read it :D mwahahaha.. they still one ok rock mwahahaha.. :3


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