Mighty Long Fall is out!


What's up? Long time no post here eh. Apologize me for the looooong hiatus. Too busy with school stuffs. Also, I don't know what to write about because you know, my brain is fried from all these things in my head. (ugh).

And just notify, I'm now a freshman. A senior high school student. Not a jhs student anymore. And you know, being a freshman in SHS is totally hard. I get a bunch of things to do and so on. But yeah, that's life. I have no choice. .

BUT. Anyways, I bring two good news today. yey. XD

Do you still remember about their upcoming new single? Yeah. Mighty Long Fall/Decision.
And the 1st good news is; you now can download it on iTunes. yeyy. :D

And.. the 2nd good news and also the biggest news is. . . *drumrolls*

Yep, like what I said at the title; ONE OK ROCK's new MV is outtt! yeyy.
*Psst, though it's kinda a late post because the mv have published on July 22 already. Tee-hee. :p But you know, I didn't have much time at that day so yeah.. hihi :p

And speaking about their new mv, it was totally coool! Super duper amazing. asdfghjkl <3<3<3
The new mv is totally different with their style before- which is in a really good way of course. But yeah, they really afe adorable. Definitely. more more more adorable than before. <3<3<3

But there's one thing that kinda make me upset.. Taka's hair is shorter than usual. It makes him not as sexy as usual (at least that's what I think lol). But well, that's not a big problem. He's still adorable as well. :p hihi


Woops. and without further delay, here's their new mv. There you go. :D

  • When we met, the pain, stood still, it was us
    Then suddenly it's where you go
    System blew, I knew

    This side of me, I want a little more
    But inside it seems, I’m just a little bored
    Nothing else!

    Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall
    When you thought life was tough (Whoa)
    Oh no, It’s a wake up call
    When your life...waiting to shock (Whoa whoa)

    It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down
    Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall
    When you know time is up (Whoa whoa)

    Uso hitotsu ai wo futatsu
    Sorede nanto ka yarisuno shitekita deshou
    Demo sore ja mou boku wo dama senai deshou
    Jyou tou suru doushi yo

    Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall
    When you thought life was tough (Whoa)
    Oh no! It’s a wake up call
    When your life...waiting to shock (Whoa whoa)

    Egaki tagari namira iyasu wanai
    Isou douse itamonara mitame tsuzukeyou

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa

    Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!
    Time to make amends for what you've done..
    Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!
    Running with the demons in your head..

    Let’s shout it out completely
    Never really want to know
    Let’s shout it out, we're screaming

    Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall
    When you thought life was tough (Whoa)
    Oh no! It’s a wake up call
    When your life...waiting to shock (Whoa whoa)

    It seems like gravity is pulling us back down
    Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall
    When you know time is up (Whoa whoa)

    Don’t go! Don’t go!

  • Okay, bye! 

source: tumblr


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