When fans made mistakes in Wherever You Are lyrics..

Hello, guys! :)
Well, it's my first post in this June right? Happy late June! haha XD

Anywho, ONE OK ROCK just had performance at Philadelphia on May 17 2014. They also sang Wherever You Are at the ending for the perform. Uwahh, my heart did beat so fast at first when I watched the video (haha). Taka's voice's so so damn soothing, really. As always. :3

Well, I'd thanks to polystyrenejen for posted the video on youtube. Thank you so much, dear :)
And to those who haven't watched the video yet, so here you are; Check it out! <-- click it, click it, click it.
psst, I assume you to watch the video 'til ended. okay? :p

So hey, did you find any mistakes there? You know, the fans made mistakes in the lyrics! Oh man, it was a shame yet funny. haha especially Taka's reaction there. LOL


Also, I really liked Toru's faces in the video. Uwahh, he's so damn sexyy. Yeah, indeed. :3
He's so freaking adorable, isn't he? I lovee those lips. Omg, I'm dying now. asdfghjkl 


Well, anyways.. gotta go now. See you until next time! :)

source: tumblr.com


  1. happy late june to you too! ahaha love the gifs! xx idksupriya.blogspot.com

  2. Hi! I've tagged you on my TMI Tag ;) http://dhfadhfa.blogspot.com/2014/06/tmi-tag-bruh.html

  3. Happy June for you :D
    anyway I watch the vid.. I can't stop laughing ahahahaXD
    Taka reaction lol XDD

    1. haha thank youu ;D
      lol I know right? I like his super-duper funny face! lol

    2. hehe welcomes ^__^
      yups.. thats seriously funny I keep repeat that minute XDD

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