Upcoming ONE OK ROCK Single

Heyo, guys! =D
Uwahh. Long time no see eh? How have you been?! :)

Well, national exam is already over. I have so so much free time these days haha XD I just read a ton of novels the whole day, so yeah, too busy to open this blog lol jks :p

Anywho, I just got home last night from the so-tiring-farewell-school trip. Hahaha. And now I'm just chilling out here at my home-sweet-home. I really missed my home. I missed my family. Also I missed my lovely doggie, Rainzoe. ;3


Okay, let's speak about ONE OK ROCK! XD

Ah. By the way, you know what? ONE OK ROCK will release a new single this July! A new single on July 30, 2014! Oh yeah XD I'm so damn excited! Don't youu? haha.
This upcoming single entitled Mighty Long Fall / Decision which contains three tracks produced by John Feldmann and Arnold Lanni with mixes by Chris Lord-Alge.

Here is the tracklist;
1. Mighty Long Fall
2. Decision
3. Pieces of Me

And you know,  Mighty Long Fall will be the theme song of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno/The Legend Ends. Uwahh. I really can't wait for this amazing movie. I love Takeru Sato HAHA XD But of course I'd love Taka-san moree <3 Yeah, indeed xp

And.. to those who haven't watched this trailer, check this out;

source: jpopasia.com
Okay. Bye-bye! :*


  1. this post sure is giving a loottttt of good news! Thanks for exciting news! XDD

  2. Wow! This is great! I would try to listen to these. Thanks for sharing :)

    Lysa of www.hellolysa.blogspot.com

    1. Haha yeah you should! and you're welcome ;D

  3. wow great, thanks sharing..I can't wait for this :)
    anyway I did watch the trailer XD ahaha

    1. Haha really? Me neither. I'm so excited about their new single and also the movie XDD
      Aw a cool trailer right? I suppose it would be a great movie :3

    2. Yups XD owh owh about the movie...
      its a cool trailer and I hope the movie turn on to be excellent as the trailer :D hehe