OOR at Rock on The Range 2014 [Pics]

Heyo, peeps :)
Uhm, what day is it today? Saturday eh? lol I thought it was Friday today haha. Blame on me. I'm on holiday atm so yeah, I haven't seen the calendar yet these days :p


Anyways, I'm boreeed. I don't want to sleep now. The fact is, I'm not sleepy yet. So I think it's time for fangirling.. again. Because you know, I always get sweet dreams after seeing their awesome pics haha :3 So I think this-fangirling-do can help me XD

Well, like what the title said above, I want to share you some pics of OOR at Rock on The Range 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. Okay, without further delay.. here you go! :3

gahh you're so sexyy *melting*

source: tumblr.com

Psst. I think Taka's pics are more than the other members eh? Whoops. I'm sorry! :p But what can I say? He's my bias. so yeah lol XD Oh. and what about you? Which picture do you like the most? =D

By the way, today is the last day of May eh? And the tomorrow is June 1 already. Uwah, time goes by really fast eh? haha :v 

Anywho, I gotta go now. Bye! :*


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