ONE OK ROCK Interview: Taka

Ello! It's me again XD

Oh well. I'm alone here. Nobody's home (ugh). I don't know what to do now so I'm just sitting here with my lovely lappy. The best friend ever haha! XD And now, I'm watching random video(s) on youtube while writing this post lol. multi-tasking eh? :p

Well, well. This one will full of the-most-adorable-guy I suppose. Yeah, HIM! Taka-san :3
Rock On The Range 2014

Anywho, I just found a video about an interview with Taka-san on youtube. Here you go!

ONE OK ROCK Interview: Taka "Rock On The Range 2014"

Oh man. He's so adorable, isn't he? And did you realize that? His English is obviously getting better and even better right? :3 Wow. And yeah, The Beginning is also my favorite song! LOL. And you know, it's really funny when he said, "Let's Rock'n'Roll!" XD Hahaha. I loved it!

And hey, his faces at this video were so damn cutee! Look! >_<


Hahaha ne? He's so adorable! I love him even moree XD
Ahah. By the way, I have to go now. It's lunch time already! Bye!