Some Videos of ONE OK ROCK!

Hello, peeps. :)
How are you doing? Oh well I'm just chilling out now since you know, it's Saturday so yeah XD

Anywho, I was searching video(s) on youtube and.. BOOM! I found some cool videos there. Those are not really new videos actually. Hmm about 2 weeks ago, I think. Yeah, I know I know. I'm not that up-to-date :v But it's better later than never right? Am I right? :p

Okay. Speaking about the videos, those were posted by Punkvideosrock. Did you know this channel? If not, then better you go check it out soon. This channel has lots of awesome videos, really. ;)

And here are those videos I was talking about. Live performance by ONE OK ROCK at Vans Warped Tour Kick Off Pary 2014! Check these outt :3

★ Ending Story?? - ONE OK ROCK

★ Nothing Helps - ONE OK ROCK

AH. So what do you guys think about their perform? It was so fucking awesome, right? Or at least, for me lol ;3

And oh! I also found the short interview ONE OK ROCK with Robert Herrera. They talked about their upcoming documentary film, the Vans Warped Tour, and their working with John Feldman.

And you know, Taka's english is just so cutee! Ahaha. As you might already know, almost japanese people can't speak english right? But hey, he can! Uwahh. I love it! His voice when speaking english is mm how can I describe it? Lovely, eh? lol

Okay, btw so here's the interview;

Ahh. By the way, I have to go now. Bye! :*


  1. ahaha cute yawn... XDD bwahahaha

    I see that you really wanna go to see their perform.. cool cool XD you will be :)
    kakkoi! One Ok Rock :D

    owh ya that last pict, the hat taka wear remind me of Trafalgar law from One piece XD hehe

    1. lol ikr? :33
      haha yuhh I really really really want to XDD
      Aw really? haha didn't notice that before XD

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