Happy Easter?! [+ONE OK ROCK cover]

Ah okay. HII! =D

So as you guys might already know, today's easter day. So yeah. I'd like to greet everyone Happy Easter for those who are celebrating it. :) He died for our sin on the Cross and was buried.. and today is the day when He rose from dead. So may this wonderful day will be filled with love, peace, and also happiness! ;)

Anyways, I'm going to go church and then will have some fun in Surabaya, so now I'm just preparing myself for it and writing this at the same time. Multi-tasking, eh? lol xD And what about you? Have any plan(s) for today? :)

Oh. By the way, for this awesome day I'll post a video cover. Uh-oh. Did you know Aidan James? He's a singer as well as musician from Hawaii- who is currently twelve years old! Oh my, he's still so young but could be a super duper amazing singer! Uwahh. Also, psst.. Aidan is just the way so cutee! really ;3 ahah

Anywho, here's the video cover by Aidan James. The song is called The Beginning and of course originally by ONE OK ROCK. And I hope it makes your day =)


  1. I'm not celebrating Easter but Happy Holiday Vania ^___^ hehe..
    How's your Easter? :3

    btw wow, I don't know him, but Aidan James looks so cute :D and his voice so soft I like it ^__^
    I like this cover :D

    1. Aw haha thank youu xD
      It was great! I had fun with my family lol but I found that I got so damn tired when we just got home haha. 'So tiring but fun' day! haha. And hbu? How was your weekend?;)
      Yeah I know right? He did the cover well xx

  2. hehe my pleasure :3
    really? looks like you have so many fun with family :D
    I always at home.. do nothing ahaha XDD
    I wish I had some activity to do >___<
    know what nowadays I always wake up late.. TT^TT
    almost at 12 noon lol XDD
    any tips so that we can wake up early?
    yups.. I like it :3 hehe

    1. Haha yeah I guess so xD
      Ahh sometimes I also have nothing to do on the weekends so yeah, I'll just chill out lol :p
      Eh really? Well, I usually set an alarm on my phone so. haha

  3. If really don't have nothing to do.. only anime, manga, gameshow, sing and watch idol mv ahaha :D
    right? XDDD
    awww.. I set it.. but nowadays.. looks like my biological alarm turn to be negative result... TT^TT
    so do the phone alarm.. I guess maybe too tired.. lol XDD