FOOL COOL ROCK! [Official Trailer]

Hey again. :))
How are youu? Well, I just came back from church. Fuhh.. finally. I'm so tired now. Haha. So I'm just sitting here and writing this post lol :v

Anywho, did you know about FOOL COOL ROCK! Documentary Film? I've talked about this on my previous posts. Click here and here if you haven't read it yet. Okay? ;)

So yeah. ONEOKROCKchannel (on youtube) just uploaded a video yesterday (April 17). It's a official trailer of FOOL COOL ROCK! Documentary Film. This trailer is only one minute-twenty seconds long. It shows a lot about the concert and so on..

Ah. I really want to buy this soon lol xD But again, I also hope there will be english subtitles in it since you know, I don't speak japanese at all. And honestly, I know some japanese words only. Not much. ahah

Okay. So without further delay, here is the trailer;

So what do you guys think about? ;)
Anyways, as I said before.. I'm tired and a bit sleepy now so yeah. Bye! ;p

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