FOOL COOL ROCK! interview

Hey heyy! :D
How have you been?! Ahh, you know.. I miss my blog so much. lol but anyways, I'm kinda happy today.. since you know, I will not have school on the next day until next week. Fuhh. Six days free! :p

Ah. By the way, I wanna say so so sorry for not updating in ages. Also, I haven't replied those messages on chat box :( I'm sorry, guys. You know.. I had so many exams last week. Full of the week! So yeah. No time for internet. Yeah, that sucks. And it's not over yet. I will have a bunch of exams again on about one week later. So, I think I'll be on semi-hiatus... again and again. :'(

I'm super duper busy... huhuhu :v

But anyways.. I just went to youtube and you know looking for some great video(s). And I found the new video of ONE OK ROCK! Yeah, it's about OOR again since this blog is specifically speaks about them so yeah lol :p

And.. check this out!

Yeah. Fool Cool Rock! again. It was an interview OOR with Hiroyuki Nakano-san.
I kept watch this video even though I can't understand a thing. I really didn't know what they're saying lol. Poor me. :v Ahh. I hope there will be english subtitles in it. It would be so great, I guess. haha. Any japanese friends who want to translate this? lol

Uh-oh. Speaking about their appearances (esp. Taka).. I like his hairstyle so much, really. Taka's hair is just the way too sexy. Isn't it? Or at least, for me lol <3

Oh man. For you guys who don't believe me, better if you see this sexy picture. HERE!

gahh.. so damn sexy right? 



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