Some pics of Toru! ♥

Heyo folks! :D
So what's up? How's your day going so far? :) Anyways, happy sunday! lol xD

Well, you know.. I don't feel like doing anything today. Yeah. I'm so damn lazy. really. :p
Also, it's raining out here! And you know what? Rain always makes me sleepy.. The sound of the rain is so soothing, isn't it? :3 And I'm stuck here (ugh). Ahh, I really wanna go bed. lol~ xD

So anyways, since I'm just sitting here at my room the whole day and not doing anything.. I guess it's time for me to fangirling haha. XD You know.. it's been ages since I did fangirling about Taka, right?
And yeah, I'll post some pictures of the guitarist from ONE OK ROCK. His name's Yamashita Toru~ Yuhh, the coolest and handsome one! <3

So, okayy. Let's start it! :P

Uwahh I love his eyes! XD

K-kawaii~ *-*

So sexyy <3
Oh mann, look at his hair! lol

So, what do you guys think about him? Huh? :P
Well, I have to go now. My dad asked me to go bookstore! Yayy~ XD

Okay. Jaa-ne! :*

 source: tumblr


  1. he reminds me of that guy from death note. :o except with a nicer hair colour.

  2. .. wow ! haha , i thought he was a shy boy . i never think that he'll have his jackass pic too . hahaha

    1. lol haha but for me, he's still adorable in his own way :3

  3. thanks for the visit! visiting back ^^

    1. hey Chelsea! Thanks for visiting me back :)

  4. Hey hey hey...Greetings on monday from Belgium my friend