Back from Hiatus~ XD

Hey, folks! :D

Uwahh, long time no see, eh? Ahaha. Who missed me? You did, eh? Yeah, I know you did! lol jks. xD
Anyways, I'm so so so sorry for this hiatusness. Omfg, I haven't post anything for hmm 2 months eh? AHH! Gomene~ I have been so damn busy with school and stuffs.. so yeah. No time for blogging! Or I'm just too lazy for it? haha. Who cares, anyways? :p

And.. you know what? I don't have school tomorrow. Yay~ I can take a rest for while. haha. Though I will come back to school on next Monday. But, it's okay. ;) And that's the reason why I can visit my blog (again) now lol

Well.. anyways, I have some things to tell to you guys actually.

First, Merry late Christmas and Happy late new year! Huakaka XD You know~ It's better late than never, isn't it? :p
Pssst, I wish I could meet Taka-san in person one day :* And of course the other members, too. Aishiteru~ <3 haha.

Next is, Happy late Birthday, Toru-san! O:) I'm really sorry for the lateness..

Okay.. I think it's for me to go now. Bye, see you later! xD