Some update things! xx

Heeeeeyo guys! =D
How are youuu? I hope you're doing good as well! :)

It's been a long time eh? Who missed me? NO? Anybody?? LOL. I really miss this blog you know. Really! Actually, I have much time to open my laptop and surf the net but, ugh. too lazy to open this lovely blog. I almost forget that I have this blog. Hahaha, poor me. x_x

And first of all, I'm going to say SORRY to you all for my hiatusness. I didn't post anything in about... 1 month! omfg x_x
I just don't know what to say or post. When I had free day and had something to post, the internet was so damn sloooooow. I was like, dafuq?! LOL.

Oh, and one thing. I'm sorry I can't reply to your message in the chat box. I'm just too lazy for it. Because you know, I'm kinda tired to see all of the shitty link and the all spammers. I think I will delete the chat box soon. I hope you don't mind about it. :))

By the way, speaking about ONE OK ROCK, I will give you some link download for JINSEI x KIMI Tour Live & Film. Here! :D
Disc 1 [Tour Live]
Disc 2 [Film]

And you know? They will go to Jakarta, Indonesia soon! 20 more days!! Ahhh. Though I can't see them in person but, dunno why I'm so excited! I just can't wait for it! XD

Uhm okay, see you guys next time! =D


  1. Hey Vania! I think Im in love with One OK Rock band! They are super awesome, I think you should check out their cover on this song >> its really awesome! xx.

    1. Heey, Natasha~
      Aww, really? Haha glad to know that LOL. Yup yup, they really are! <3
      Ah! Yeah, I've heard that song before. And yeah~ It's so freaking awesome! xD