A special site "Live Memories"!

Heya there! :D

So, anybody? Who missed me? Hahaha. I know I know, YOU missed me, right? :)) *plakk
Haha well I have been so busy with school and stuff lately. Really. I think, I'm starting to hate my school. Oh wait. I mean, I just hate the school. not my schoolmates and the fun. NO! I just hate studying and a bunch of annoying teachers there.
And for now on, I will have to study harder than before. Study and study and study! Poor me :(
Oh well, wish me luck for my studies! I want to graduate soon! Haha :D

Ah okay. Back to the topic.
This is a post for today. I want to share you something. A special site from ONE OK ROCK, "LIVE MEMORIES" :))
Wanna see it? Okay, here you go! HERE!<-click it, click it, click it

So, what do you think about it? Awesome, cool, good, not bad? Or what? Tell me about it xD
Oh by the way, I'm so sleepy now. It's about 10pm here and I have to wake up early tomorrow. At 4am! Gah, WTF with that? D:

Okay. Bye-bye! :*