This is My Budokan! [Live Concert]

Hey there! How are you?
Happy weekend, anywayz. Hope you will enjoy your weekend! :)

Oh yeah! It's Saturday! Woohoo!! FREEDOM. No homework, no study. Hahaha. Looks like I'm a lazy person, ne? LOL Yeah, I am. It's pretty true actually. But I also can be a hard-worker you know. Not all the time of course. :p

By the way, have you seen OOR's second DVD? The title is This is My Budokan! :))
If you haven't seen it yet, you should try to watch it then. The concert was so freaking awesome. Really. I watch it over and over again. So addicted! Hahaha xD

Oh and don't you know? Toru's hair in this concert was currently short. He still had a black hair. Not blonde hair like now. Haha so which one do you prefer? I myself like his hairstyle now. It's sooo much better! Cooler. XD

Look at this! See?

And about the songs, the all songs at this DVD were so awesome! I like them all so much. Haha.
But here are my top ten (with the video live concert)~ Check it out! =)
1. Kaimu

2.  Mikansei Kokyokyoku

3. Kagerou

4. Karasu

5. Adult Suit

6. Wherever you are

7. Yes I am

8. Liar

9. Answer is Near

10. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

So what do you think about those songs? :D
By the way, sorry for the bad quality. I can't find a good one :(