ONE OK ROCK challenge~

Happy Sunday! =D
Well, hari ini aku mau melakukan ONE OK ROCK challenge! 
Sebenernya temen-temen JPA aku yang melakukan challenge journal ini duluan. And I think this is my turn =)

So, here you go!

#Your Bias
Ahh I like all of them! I dunno who my Bias is. Really. I like Taka's voice, the coolness of Toru, the funniness of Tomoya, and the cuteness of Ryota. ;3

#The first ONE OK ROCK song that you heard
It was Wherever you are.

#When you became a ONE OK ROCK fan
Hurmm, a couple years ago I guess. 

#Favorite photo of ONE OK ROCK
Look, how happy they are!

#Your favorite ONE OK ROCK song
Hurmm, I dunno. I have so many. I love all of their songs to be honest.! >.<

#Your favorite song from Zeitakubyou
It's Yume Yume.

#Your favorite song from BEAM OF LIGHT
It's Hitsuzen Maker.

#Your favorite song from Kanjou Effect
It's 20 years old.

#Your favorite song from Niche Syndrome
It's Liar.

#Your favorite song from Zankyou Reference
It's Re:make.

#Your favorite song from JinseixBoku=
It's Juvenile.

#Your favorite single
I like all of them actually. But I think it would be The Beginning.

#Your favorite ONE OK ROCK live performance
All of them! hahaha.

#Your favorite ONE OK ROCK lyric
Pierce lyric. So touching. :3

#Your favorite ONE OK ROCK quote

#Your favorite ONE OK ROCK PV/MV
Deeper Deeper.

#A ONE OK ROCK song that you wish had a music video
Juvenile. Just curious how it would be haha.

#When and how you became a ONE OK ROCK fan
My friend introduced to them a couple years ago and.. yeah. 

#The ONE OK ROCK song that you never get tired of hearing
Be The Light.