Meet and greet? Who's excited?! =D

Hey hey hey! XD

I'm sooo hyper now! Haha. Why? Because... because.. Oh my! I don't know how to say it up  (>.<)
Ugh. Maybe this will help~ Check it out NOW!

Who's excited?!
Of course, ME! I am so excited you know. They seems to be planning meet and greet ONE OK ROCK!? Right? XD

Aduhh.. semoga ajah waktu pelaksanaan meet and greet-nya tepat, deh.  I mean, pas aku ada waktu luang getohh. *sok sibuk* Hahaha. Uhm, pas aku libur, mungkin yah? Hehe biar aku bisa dateng~ xD

So, anybody? Who's excited? :D