Live Concert at Yokohama Arena~

Heya there :)
How are you guys?
I have a good news today. Finally, I passed the exams! AHAHA! I'm feeling free right now. Though I don't know yet the result of my exams but ahh who cares? I don't care anymore! If I get bad grades, so what? I can't even do anything. Right? It's the past. It's done and unchangeable. ;)

So, since I'm happy right now, I will share some videos to you. Live Concert! Not a full concert though. :p
Well video ini tuh berasal dari Yokohama Arena Concert beberapa tahun yang lalu. Udah lumayan lama sih. Tapi tetep keren, kok! xD

Di concert ini, mereka menyanyikan lagu-lagu mereka di album Zankyou Reference. Lagunya keren-keren semua, loh! All of their songs are meaningful! =)

Ini nih, beberapa lagu favorit aku di Yokohama Arena Concert~ Enjoy it! :D


Et Cetera



So what do you think about them? :))


  1. Hi~ Thanks for visit my blog ^^ .. I follow u :) .. and in good time to finish your exams :D .. thanks for the concerts I'll see them ^^ kisses~

    1. Hi there~ Yup. And also thanks for the follow. I will follow you soon! :)
      Haha yeah~ Hope you will enjoy it :D

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  3. good start of the weekend, have lots of fun