[GIFS] Taka, Takeru, and Yu!

Hello guys =)
Ahh it's Monday again. Monday sucks. I really wish weekends were longer. No school, no homework, no study. FREEDOM. XD Haha but in fact, it won't be happen, right? -_-

Okay, back to the topic.
By the way, do you know Takeru Sato and Yu Takahashi? Here's a pic of them with Taka-kun :)

from left: Taka, Yu Takahashi, Takeru Sato
Mereka bertiga cukup akrab, loh. Nih, beberapa percakapan dari mereka bertiga~

white=taka , yellow=takeru , blue=yu
*tsundere=japanese character development of someone who is initially cold or even hostile toward another person before gradually revealing his/her warm side.
**keigo=polite/honourific language.

Hihi gimana pendapat kalian tentang mereka? :D

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